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ISSUE 02 “TOGO”のペーパーマガジン:A3サイズ 40ページPaper magazine of ISSUE 02 “TOGO”:A3 Size 40 Pages  <Intro>・・・ 今回のイシューでは、これまでにない「TO GO」というドープな食体験の秘めたる可能性を探って行きたい。従来のテイクアウトとは一線を画した、新しい食体験としての「TO GO」という新たな定義を見つけよう。若者の、エキサイティングな食体験を望む炎は何者にも消すことはできない。 ...We would like to explore the new possibilities of this once isolating concept of takeout. We want to re-examine takeout through the lens of mcnai’s DIY spirit as “a meal that can be customized.” In this issue we will explore the potential of to-go food as a dope culinary experience. We want to redefine to-go food as a creative and stimulating adventure. Afterall, nothing can extinguish the youth’s burning desire for a sublime dining experience.


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