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ISSUE 00 “BRUNCH”のペーパーマガジン

:A3サイズ 40ページ

Paper magazine of ISSUE 00 “BRUNCH”

:A3 Size 40 Pages







From the moment I wake up, whether I like it or not, I hear my stomach growling. I decide I want something to eat and take a peek inside the fridge, but all I see is a stale piece of bread and some half-eaten cheese. I think of going to that ramen shop I’d been eyeing, but ramen sounds too heavy this early in the day. I don’t want breakfast and yet I don’t feel like lunch --- I want something right in between! 

For today’s issue, we’re going to focus on “brunch,” the blend of breakfast and lunch, for those night owls that like to sleep in. What do you like to eat for brunch? What do you imagine when you hear the word brunch? What even is brunch? 

Let’s explore what brunch is through mcnai’s perspective. 

For us youths, what is brunch? Perhaps the answer lies within this magazine.


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